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Blouses & shirts - always fashionable and sexy!

Our blouses and shirts are not only beautiful, they also show that traditional costume fashion never ceases to develop further. Until a few years ago, only traditional shirts and blouses were considered proper part of a traditional costume outfit. Today, ever more people combine the traditional elements of a German traditional costume outfit with fresh and modern blouses and shirts. The blouses and shirts in our shop are particulary attractive, as they show the full range of modern traditional costume fashion: From more traditional blouses that employ the classical designs and cuts that have been handed down from generation to generation to modern shirts that can be easily combined with casual everyday wear. Whichever variant you will opt for, all of our blouses and shirts have two important traits in common: they are always fashionable - and sexy!

Adding a playful note to the outfit

Just as every woman looks absolutely perfect in a dirndl dress or in traditional shirts, our blouses & shirts emphasize the wearer's femininity and add a playful note to her outfit. Because that is what a woman's outfit stands for in German traditional clothing: sexy looks that radiate happiness! Some people say this can be explained by the fact that traditional German costumes were historically worn on special occassions such as public holidays and parades, when everybody was happy to have a day off work. And while this might be true, there is a deeper reason why women look so breathtakingly feminine and happy in traditional alpine clothing: because the people in the alpine regions of Germany are known for their joy of life! And our feminine and playful blouses and shirts convey this spirit in a perfect manner!

Employing traditional motives and themes

However different they may be, all of our blouses & shirts borrow heavily on the rich tradition of German costumes and especially Bavarian traditional costume fashion. In each of our blouses and shirts, you will recognize elements that are characteristic for our traditional German costumes in general - such as womens costume patterns and colours. Take for example the dirndl's low-cut neckline which always makes for a perfect decolleté, and which is also used for some of our most beautiful blouses. Laces and ruches and the traditional white-red checks complete the perfect traditional costume design look.

Bridging the gap between the traditional and the modern

Some of our shirts do not imitate the classical cuts and designs of Bavarian traditional shirts, but instead employ themes and motives that can be found in many Bavarian folk clothes or have come to symbolize Bavarian alpine culture - such as imprints of the edelweiss, the Alps' most precious flower. In some cases, the imprints arrange these traditional themes and motives in a tongue-in-cheek manner, as in our Bella series, which especially younger women love! Our blouses and shirts are more than a substitute for traditional shirts - they are a fashion statement in their own right!

Always a perfect fit

Our blouses and shirts bridge the gap between the traditional and the modern and can thus be perfectly combined with "tracht", as traditional costumes are called in German, as well as with casual modern clothes such as jeans and skirts. For women who choose not to wear traditional shirts or a classical tracht outfit at festivities where tracht is generally worn - such as the world-famous Oktoberfest in Munich - our blouses and shirts are a perfect way to dress in a modern way and still blend in perfectly with those wearing traditional costume outfits. Our blouses and shirts are always a perfect wear buy and order them in our online shop!