Oktoberfest Handbags for Women

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Practical companion - The traditional costume bag

Praktische Begleiterin - Die Trachtentasche

A Dirndl outfit is not complete without a purse! It is not only a practical accessory, it also complements the appearance in a perfect way. Of course, it shouldn't be just any handbag: Only a traditional bag, which is attuned with the Dirndl, makes the outfit harmonious. Before buying, it is important to think carefully about where the bag should accompany you.

Practical and chic - The traditional costume bag for your outfit

Praktisch und schick - die passende Trachtentasche zum Outfit

The classic clutch bag is not the first choice here. At the Oktoberfest it is practical if the hands remain free. So you get through crowds and can eat undisturbed. On the side, slightly facing forwards, the bag complements the personal look.

It can be simple or elaborately worked, which is left to the preference of the wearer. Velour is popular with the traditional leather bag, but smooth leather or the fabric bag are also suitable accessories. Decorated with traditional costume emblems, the bag becomes an eye-catcher.

Dirndl accessories matter- From the Dirndl bag to the hat

Rundum stimmig - Von der Tasche bis zum Hut

The Trachten handbag is complemented with matching accessories. The traditional costume hat is matched in colour. Also the partner may arrange his outfit after that of his lady of the heart. With him, it is the traditional costume belt that perfectly complements the appearance.

To Dirndl and handbag belongs naturally the suitable decoration. He repeats the emblem on the bag or sets a skilful contrast to it: The edelweiss meets the heart, the stag finds its counterpart in the necklace with grandeln. Those who like to be perfectly styled will also pay attention to whether the motifs and colours of the Trachten scarf, charivari or hair accessories match the handbag. Now only the traditional shoes have to be chosen correctly, and already the appearance is perfect.

Trachten handbag - The inner values count

Trachtentasche - das richtige Innenleben

Safety is important when you plan to go to the Oktoberfest . Therefore, there must be room in the bag for the most important utensils. In an extra zipper compartment you can keep your identity and insurance cards. For security reasons, your mobile phone should be kept with you.

It is best when your wallet can also be stored in an extra zipped pocket. Tissues, hygiene articles and sun protection for skin and lips should also find a place in your Dirndl handbag.

Dangerous objects, i.e. everything that could be used as a weapon should are not allowed in the handbag. At the Oktoberfest glass bottles and gas spray cans - even a hairspray - are forbidden and will be confiscated by the police. For the Oktoberfest in Munich there is also a restriction regarding the size of handbags. So make sure you only chose a small Dirndl bag where you can safely store the most important things and nothing else.


Fancy dress pockets - Resourceful and practical

Among the millions of websites to shop online that are existent nowadays, an astonishing lot of people from all parts of the world google for online shops that sell traditional Bavarian costume dresses. Why is that so? Well, the Bavarian Oktoberfest probably left its mark. It is a main touristic event in Bavaria and is traditionally celebrated in the Bavarian capital Munich. The term "O'zapft is" means that the first pint of Oktoberfest beer has been poured out and the festivity is officially opened. From that moment on, Munich is in a state of drunkenness, excitement and euphoria. Everyone who ever experienced this festivity, states it is worth a headache or two.

Handbags for women

Women tend to take a lot of things with them when they go somewhere. They prefer it when items like lipsticks, make up powder, purses or handkerchiefs are near them all the time, just in case. A practical sling bag or more voluminous handbags are preferred, but sometimes women also wear rucksacks or tiny little bags with jewels on them. Men mostly do not carry bags with them when they visit the Bavarian festivities. They prefer to drink lots of German beer. One might loose the handbag in the course of the events. Most men who like German beer only wear leather pants and carry their purse in one of its pockets. It is safer there. The purse should better be filled to the rim because you drink and eat a lot and the prices are high in Munich. That does not prevent millions of tourists visiting the Munich Oktoberfest year by year. In some specific marquees, you will also find prominent popstars and Hollywood fimstars, all proudly wearing traditional Bavarian dresses. It is a question of honor to do this. You also look absolutely phantastic in them and the press will make lots of photos showing you in Dirndls or Bavarian costumes. Noone can say how many visitor cards and mobile phone numbers find their way into the slingbags of attractive women who happen to meet a Hollywood celibrity in Munich. Sling bags keep their secrets, but women sometimes don't.

Accessories on websites to shop online

Fitting the traditional male leather pants and Dirndls of the Bavarians, you can buy shoes, socks, hats, vests or chequered blouses to make your traditional Bavarian attire look perfect. Many visitors start with a Gamsbart hat or traditional leather pant, but do not feel brave enough to go all the way and buy a complete Bavarian costume. They prefer to wear their jeans, shoes and T-Shirts to their new outfit. Later on, they realize that their looks and image will improve when they buy all the neccessary accessories. Thank god there are so many websites to shop online and provide you with clothes after you left Munich. We can send handbags for women or a Bavarian sling bag for your daughter to any town on this planet. Your happiness is but a mouse-click away. You might need accessories and traditional Bavarian handbags for women in America. Immigrants established several Oktoberfests in the United States. You need not go to Munich to wear your stylish Bavarian attire. If your daughter does not wish to wear such a dress, she will probably be very happy with a Bavarian sling bag.