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Costumes and belt - indispensable costume accessory

Clothing is something that depends on variation. Different cuts, different colors, different models, sizes and designs are what fashion is all about. You also have to know that traditional fashion follows individual rules. The traditional belts belonging to the Bavarian folk costume tell their own stories and follow own fashion criteria. They have to be understood as parts of a male or female costume.

Belts for all kinds of dresses

Some belts are functional. They help you to keep the jeans where they are. These belts can be made of leather, cotton or stretch material. They sometimes have decorative metal buckles with prints or imprints. The other kind of belt is decorative all over. It can be made of metal rings and carry decorative elements or stones in the rings. These belts have no conventional look. They are mostly worn in addition to traditional costumes and can be richly decorated. You generally divide belts into belts for women and belts for men. There are several websites to shop online in the net when you wish to look for Bavarain belts. On these websites you will also find the typical Bavarian Lederhosen costume which is a very specific male dress version in Germany clothing. The belts can mostly be found unter "accessories" in the menu. The leather belts that are worn by Bavarian men to old and new Lederhosen or leather pants, have a richly decorated buckle with rural motifs or typical animals of the Alp regions. The belts of ladies look far more female. They are no functional belts because their function is not half as important as their decorative character. These belts complete the beautiful traditional costumes of women in Bavaria. The Dirndl classically consists of an apron, a frock and a blouse. There are many variations to be found, modern and traditional. But women can also combine plain blouses with frocks in Dirndl style and wear a most impressive and decorative chain belt with it. These belts are not worn with trousers.

Bavarian websites to shop online

If you would like to go shopping online because you have been in Bavaria lately, you have probably seen the Bavarian Lederhosen costume in Munich. Year by year, the Bavarian capital is visited by thousands of tourist when the traditional Oktoberfest is celebrated. It is one of the most important events in Bavaria. If you desire to learn a lesson about classical Bavarian dresses or traditional costumes, the occasion of the Oktoberfest is perfect. Most of the visitors will wear their traditional attire. In Germany clothing can be divided into modern designer fashion, business fashion, casual wear and the traditional costumes of each region. Younger people preferably wear new lederhosen designs, the elderly stick to their old styles. Women traditionally wear the Dirndl in various colors. Even here, modern designer styles can be found nowadays. The accessories can be jewelry, shoulder bags, scarfs or hats and traditional belts. The beauty of traditional belts can transform a comparably plain costume into a breathtaking sight. Younger women can also be found to wear new lederhosen or leather pant designs, but their cuts and adornments are strictly female. The accessories that go with them are different. Women would rather wear a leather jacket or vest and a white blouse to a traditional leather pant.